It’s been half a week since I removed Erin from school. While this is not our first adventure into home education it is slightly different that she is now 12 years old. When we previously removed her from school in Primary we went straight into providing a standard of curriculum matching school until she chose to start secondary school. In all, previously we home educated for 7 months.

This time it is different. I have read more. Researched more and realised that Erin won’t benefit if we just recreate a school environment at home.  She currently no longer has any interest in reading, or writing stories (which she used to do all the time) and instead is half the child I used to know. Quite frankly. the school system muted her passion. Her energy. Her light.

I need to help her rediscover herself. To find that shiny, bright human who questioned everything.

So we are going to deschool her.

Deschooling is the psychological concept that a child beginning home education after attending school needs time to adjust to being at home, to remove the ideologies of the school environment that have shaped them.

To put it bluntly. They need to break out of the system and learn how to carve their own path in the world. To ask questions, to find passion in learning.

It is said for each year they were at school they should take a month to deschool. We have decided we will take until September before gradually imposing a light academic setting. I am leaning toward the Waldorf system and plan on reading to Erin, limiting electronics and asking her what SHE wants to learn.


It will be an awefully big adventure 🙂


2 thoughts on “Deschooling

    1. Thank you for your comment Jenny, I agree. If you check my previous blog you will see Erin has several medical needs, where stress and anxiety and tiredness have negative effects causing her seizures, so we’re taking a few weeks to get her back into loving learning again.

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