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I made another video. 2 in one week! I think I have broken the block 🙂

The Magick of Noise: White Noise and Witchcraft

White noise. I admit I was sceptical about it. I mean, who else has clicked on a youtube video fo white noise and covered their ears and clenched their teeth as the overwhelming audio pain rippled through their bodies. How on earth do people fall asleep to this? Well this sceptic does, but by mistake.

It was the full Moon and I was getting my magical shizz together. Often I will load up spotify on my phone, pop in my headphones and get into some deep, kick ass meditation. But, nothing was working any more. I had exhausted my usual meditative music, I tried sounds of rain, sounds of water, sounds of Forest, even the sounds of the city. Nothing. It was distracting me. The creative daydreamer in me would just imagine the hours away and not actually put any energy into my spiritual practise.

So I scrolled through spotify and clicked white noise. I waited for the ear blistering pain, but you know what? It was ok. I actually felt every hair on my body  stand up. I felt energy, I felt connected. It was not distracting, it was a tool that was benefiting me. I cast my sceptic mind aside and rocked on with my full moon ritual.

At some-point I must have fallen asleep, head planted on my altar while praying and working on manifestations as my partner woken me up and it was 2 am. But, my, oh, my, what an amazing sleep and ritual and all round magical shizz!!

If you have not tried white noise, I do reccomend it. If, like me your mind is too loud at times and perhaps like me are a maladaptive daydreamer, this helped me so much. Not only that, but am building back up my energy to work with the spirit world once more, and this certainly helped. It was like an audio powerbar for my third eye. I felt so connected, and aware of the energies around me, and my ancestors and guides communicating with me. It was scary at how connected it made me. A good scary. Fear is good at times, fear is our bodies telling us to be cautious, Caution is good as it allows us time to be respectful. But yes, rock on with white noise and through some research have noted that there is a sound frequency for every colour which I will be delving into soon!

Stay true, stay beautiful!

Psychic or Cuckoo? That is the question.

Psychic or Cuckoo? That is the question.
We’ve all been there. Laying in bed at night, nodding off, feeling the soft weight of the duvet and soothing warmth washes over us.
“Wake up!”
Now, I am making a rather grand presumption that those who do not struggle with mental illness also have audio hallucinations, because Wikipedia told me so.  It is most common for those not suffering from psychosis to have at least one audio hallucination in their life time, usually just before slipping into REM sleep or just as they awake.
So I have been pondering. What is a hallucination and what is a spiritual event.
By spiritual event, I mean, either being contacted or witnessing a ghost, spirit, Wight, Fey species or God.
By Hallucination I mean, witnessing, feeling or seeing something constructed by your own mind as a result of a mental illness, or neurological illness.
I see dead people. The problem is, I also hallucinate dead people…well, one dead person, My mother. How do I differentiated between her and the other spirits I see? I used to hallucinate my mother when she was alive. 
Intuition comes into play, and I, like many others who live with mental illness know our minds and body extremely well. We study ourselves on a daily basis. When I hallucinate my mother, there is always a little voice that says, ‘not real’, sometimes it is very quiet, sometimes loud, sometimes I must dig deep to hear it. But it’s there. It’s a gut reaction, deep instinct that I know, she is not real. I am not haunted by my mother, she is not real.
But this does pose the question, is mental illness a sign of perhaps being too spiritually Intune with things? Does our human mind struggle with being strong empaths, psychic abilities and such? Or do these abilities stem from mental illness.  There were several studies on the effects of LSD on the human mind, studies that linked into the fact most humans can only see, hear and process a finite amount of information, and when under the influence of LSD their minds opened, many claimed to see aura’s, energy radiating off people, off machines.
How often has our pet cat or dog been fixated on a part of the room, growling or hissing and we see nothing.
Intuition is my gift, it allows me to recognise hallucination from spiritual event. A spiritual event for me varies in what emotions I feel, but there is always that gut instinct that tells me it’s real, as opposed to the little voice that tells me my mother is a construct of my own mind.

So how do we tell the difference. We can’t, but we do, we know, it’s that same feeling that tells you to take a different route to work, or that you shouldn’t trust someone. Intuition, a gift that saves, and helps and allows us to heal. Intuition is a great tool for mental illness, and is one of my trusted friends. 

Witchcraft and mental health || spells, hexes, curses and healing

Spell crafting and mental illness : Watch your energy levels!

I was a fool, I got burned out. Over the past few days I have been lovingly crafting items for my etsy shop as well as performing 2 custom Tea-leaf readings for clients. It was a busy weekend and I did not take care of myself as well as I should of.

Many of us who spellcraft feel the effects, we feel our energy ebb away, other times we feel rejuvinated. When a witch happens to live with a mental illness, I believe our energy levels are affected more so than those who are not struggling with mental health. So we need to be careful, and yes, I am the pot calling kettle black here, as I was not careful and tried to do everything without taking the time to recharge.

Meditate. Recharge.

I need to remember my own mantra’s.

To Bag or not to Bag: Tea Leaf Reading

I hear a lot of people ask whether, when it comes to tea-leaf reading, whether you can simply cut a tea bag and use the leaves within that.  First things first, a disclaimer: You can do whatever you want to do! For me personally though, I always use loose leaves. Why? I fully admit, I am something of a Tea romantic. The whole process wars my heart, placing the leaves into my pot, letting them stew, pouring the brew into a quaint bone china cup and then enjoying the rustic nature of it all. 

Now, drinking a cup of tea, which has not been strained does pose some disadvantages, mainly, drinking tea that has not been strained can make you feel like you’re chewing straw. Thankfully, many moons ago I learned the tip of simply blowing on your cup, then sipping. Thus, the leaves do not come into contact with your mouth.

So yes, if you are new to tea leaf reading, the leaves are important. I have found when you use leaves from a tea-bag, they are just not thick/large enough to give a good reading. That is just for me though, I know many who do marvellous readings from using leaves from a tea-bag.

Using loose leaves, not only warms my heart but also allows me to do some extra fun shopping for cute little tea caddy’s, like the wonderful  ‘New English Teas-Alice’s adventures in Wonderland Tea Selection. ’ 
 I admit, I may have a tea shopping addiction. When I say ‘may’ I actually mean, yes, I do have a Tea shopping addiction. 

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