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I made another video. 2 in one week! I think I have broken the block 🙂

A Witchy view on the General Election



A witchy, empathic mental health perspective of the general election


Today is the general election for the United Kingdom. I feel crap; not because of apathy or annoyance or anything negative regarding the general election. But because yesterday I had a major empathic attack which then caused a depressive blip. I did not sleep well and awoke feeling like I had been hit by a truck.


It’s overwhelming me. I can feel the anxiety and concern of millions of people and it’s crippling me. I can feel the worry of those, like me, who are not making ends meet because of taxes, cuts in tax credits and poor wages.  I have tried to ground myself, yet even when I voted this morning I could feel the weight of the country.


I don’t often talk about politics but I have been greatly invested in this General Election for many reasons. I used to work for the NHS and honestly, the hard workers do not get treated well or paid enough for what they do. I am a humanist. I believe in protecting vulnerable people financially and medically. I believe in equality and I hate that the gap between classes is growing.


No, wait.


I believe that the conservatives have pretty much erased the working-class due to their financial incentive to protect the upper classes and as such we have all fallen into the ‘under class’ We just about get by each month. Though most of us forgo meals so our children can eat.


I support Labour. Well, I support Jeremy Corbyn. I believe in him as a man and a politician because he does not back pedal nor does it lie.


I support Labour because they have historically always fought for the people.


I am a witch. I support equality. I support Labour.


Home education journey to youtube

Return to Home Education

Education. Not school.


Erin was previously home educated due to her special educational needs. During the stress of the year 6 SATs we de-registered her from school. Erin has generalised epilepsy which manifests in absences, jerks and drops. When she was in Primary school I had informed the school and made repeated requests for her to be assessed by SEN for support. I was informed as she was not disruptive in class she would not get funding.

Just before we took her out of school her teacher approached me as there was a school trip and I had to send Erin with her medication. Her teacher did not know she had epilepsy. When I informed her it was documented and that her absences can be witnessed by eye rolling, the teacher said to me,


“Oh is that was it is. She has a lot of those.”


Yes. Erin has up to 50 episodes. Episodes where she is not conscious and misses words, sentences and conversations. The school ignored all of this.


We thought secondary school would be different. She started, she made friends, all was great. Until yesterday. While she had a care plan in place, there was not a day in which Erin did not have a lesson in which a regular teacher was elsewhere and a sub was in place. A sub who did not know Erin had epilepsy and shouted at her for not paying attention when in fact she was having an episode. Then yesterday I informed the school Erin had an appointment with her neurologist. She has had 5 appointments this term due to ongoing issues with her medication. Each time, her meds are upped and of course we have a follow up. The plan is to find something that stops all seizures. She has also missed 5 days of school at separate times due to having several bad nights with her epilepsy which leaves her exhausted. Which anyone can imagine if you have ever lost consciousness. No, her attendance was not good. But, those times I have taken Erin to school after bad episodes the school phones me to collect her. Any way, so I had a phone call which they have stated I need to provide not only proof of appointments but also proof of attendance and that Erin can’t have any more sickness without a doctors note.

You can imagine my face. I was not impressed.


Insert Erin has been subjected to bullying and has voiced her opinion several times that she has not learned anything due to several violent students within the class. Chairs have been thrown, tables broken, attacks and fights. I spoke to Erin this evening and we had a good chat in which she has decided she wants to return to home education. She wants to return to her home education clubs. Most importantly she said to me, “Mum, I want to learn things!”


So along side my witchery things I shall also be blogging about our home-ed journey!


Warmest blessings




The Magick of Noise: White Noise and Witchcraft

White noise. I admit I was sceptical about it. I mean, who else has clicked on a youtube video fo white noise and covered their ears and clenched their teeth as the overwhelming audio pain rippled through their bodies. How on earth do people fall asleep to this? Well this sceptic does, but by mistake.

It was the full Moon and I was getting my magical shizz together. Often I will load up spotify on my phone, pop in my headphones and get into some deep, kick ass meditation. But, nothing was working any more. I had exhausted my usual meditative music, I tried sounds of rain, sounds of water, sounds of Forest, even the sounds of the city. Nothing. It was distracting me. The creative daydreamer in me would just imagine the hours away and not actually put any energy into my spiritual practise.

So I scrolled through spotify and clicked white noise. I waited for the ear blistering pain, but you know what? It was ok. I actually felt every hair on my body  stand up. I felt energy, I felt connected. It was not distracting, it was a tool that was benefiting me. I cast my sceptic mind aside and rocked on with my full moon ritual.

At some-point I must have fallen asleep, head planted on my altar while praying and working on manifestations as my partner woken me up and it was 2 am. But, my, oh, my, what an amazing sleep and ritual and all round magical shizz!!

If you have not tried white noise, I do reccomend it. If, like me your mind is too loud at times and perhaps like me are a maladaptive daydreamer, this helped me so much. Not only that, but am building back up my energy to work with the spirit world once more, and this certainly helped. It was like an audio powerbar for my third eye. I felt so connected, and aware of the energies around me, and my ancestors and guides communicating with me. It was scary at how connected it made me. A good scary. Fear is good at times, fear is our bodies telling us to be cautious, Caution is good as it allows us time to be respectful. But yes, rock on with white noise and through some research have noted that there is a sound frequency for every colour which I will be delving into soon!

Stay true, stay beautiful!

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