Be the Sidekick

Have you heard the saying, “Be the hero of your own story!”?

It is a great saying, and certainly one I live by. But, how about this: Be the sidekick of someone else story

Sidekick? What are you going on about Li? I don’t want to be the sidekick of someone else story! I want to be the hero!

Hang  on, hang on.

You can be.

I love the stories where the ‘sidekick’ saves the day. The stories where you know, had it not been for the sidekick, the hero would of stumbled, fallen, and never got back up. Let’s look at Sam from Lord of The Rings. Can we honestly say, Frodo would have reached the end of his Heroes Journey had it not been for the support and friendship of Sam? I don’t think so.


As a lightworker, I have spent a great deal of time bettering myself. Dragging myself out of the depths of mental illness and improving my soul. But I could not have done that without some pretty kick Arse sidekicks. I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends who have fought alongside me during my own personal Heroes Journey. While we may not have journeyed through Mordor, we have gone through some hellish times. Without them, I would never have been able to pick myself up.


So, I challenge you to be the sidekick of someone else’s story. Take their hand, support them and allow them to be the hero. Be the Sam to someone else’s Frodo. hero

Light worker discounts

This week has been a busy week for me. I have been blessed and privileged to have gained several orders from my heart centred shop The West Country Witch.  Etsy Store

When I began my shop, I did not start out as a light worker. I originally sold baby clothes that I hand made. Though I suppose, even then, there was a little glimpse of the light I wished to offer the world.



But what exactly is a light worker? Or a heart centred business? I am sure many people have many views. For me, a light worker is someone who sets out, every day, to make a difference to one person. I want to make people smile. Having endured some rather dark places in my life and struggle with mental illness, it upsets me greatly to think on those who equally suffer. So I set out to help.



I know some of you reading will not believe in magical woowoo like I do and that is ok. I love that so many people have different views and beliefs. It truly warms my heart. And that warmth is what a heart centred business is. It’s a business that, at it’s centre is the desire to accept, love and help, even just a little bit.


I have been on a strange journey, I never thought I would turn into a light worker. The world darkened me and for a long time I was very angry, lost and confused. Then, the universe/God/Goddess/divinity reached out to me and helped me heal my own wounds.



Now, I  set out each day to help at least one person. Even just a little and feel utterly blessed. That is why I always have discounts at my store, as I know so many of us struggle financially.

I am offering 20% off all orders from my shop using discount code : 11305. Valid until 20th June!



If you have any questions, or need some advice or help, please message me.


Warmest blessings